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(Information updated 23rd May 2008)

Since Calderdale-Online's launch in January 2003,
we have received a total of:


hits to the end of 2007

This year, Calderdale-Online has received a total of:


hits so far this year.

The 'One Millionth Hit'mark
was achieved on the 23rd September 2003

We reached the
'Two million hits' mark
on the 14th April 2004,

'Ten million hits'
on the 11th July 2007,

'Eleven million hits'
by 23rd January 2008

an additional 13,229 hits
have been made accidently to
Calderdale-Online.com !!!

Sorry folks, you need to come to calderdale-online.org to see us.

The best month statistically since launch was
July 2006, when Calderdale-Online.org received
467,522 hits

Last month http://www.calderdale-online.org received
110,442 hits

So far THIS month, http://www.calderdale-online.org has received

79,334 hits

Our best day so far was the 20th of July 2005
when we recieved 120,613 hits in a single day.

clipart graph depicting growth

On average, the majority of our visits occur Monday - Friday
between 9am and 4pm and we received approximately
5,565 hits a day with each visitor to the site
visiting approximately 3 pages per visit.

The 'Chat', 'Casbah', 'Link Central' or 'Information Update' sections
count as a single page for the purposes of these statistics.

Please Note:
this page is manually updated every few days after checking our statistics package
as page counters are rarely as accurate as we would like.